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ECRE. Co-roasting, coffee academy, store, and events. 👉🏻 Sydney, Australia.

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know that Carlos Escobar, the National Sales Manager for Toby’s Estate who cut his teeth at Campos, managed to clinch an amazing win during the 2021 ASCA STTOKE Brewers Cup Competition. Carlos, who was raised in Colombia and whose parents are former coffee farmers, broke the Ona stronghold. Huge.

We had the privilege of sponsoring Carlos’ Origami cups, which are shaped in a manner that captures and retains the coffee’s aroma. Carlos also used the Origami dripper, which ECRE is proud to distribute.

So why, from all the brewers on the market…

Because the coffee industry we love is broken and World Coffee Research are doing something about it.

When Collective Roasting Solutions relaunched as the Ensemble of Coffee, Research and Education (ECRE) in November 2020, we decided to use the opportunity to join the World Coffee Research (WCR) Checkoff Program. Since then, we have pledged to donate to 1c for every kilo roasted at our co-roasting facility to World Coffee Research.That’s 1c for every kilo we roast ourselves, as well as 1c for every kilo roasted by each of our members.

We also administer the Checkoff Program to our members. This…

Author and consultant Scott Rao has influenced how specialty coffee pros roast and brew coffee more than anybody else over the last two decades. What’s his secret?

There’s this (rather nerdy) podcast I listen to called Conversations with Tyler in which the host, famed economist Tyler Cowen, interviews all sorts of smart people from various walks of life. It’s mostly standard podcast fodder except for one particular question that he asks all of his guests. The question is “what is your production function?”

What Tyler means by that question is “what’s your secret for being so immensely productive? …

Some people say that the specialty coffee game is getting stale. We beg to differ–just check out the exciting and original work being done by award-winning roaster and founder of BRUT coffee, Takumi Sakamoto. Coffees delivered in sexy envelopes? Hyper-exclusive nano lots only? One unique coffee per month? That’s pretty fresh, if you ask us.

Let’s start with the obvious stuff. What is BRUT?

BRUT is a coffee roasting company specialising in rare and delicious coffees, with all coffees sold directly to the consumer online. I release one coffee a month as a “volume”, just like magazines. …

Coffea arabica (i.e. the species of coffee responsible for all the tasty coffee on Earth) has finally had its full genome sequenced. So what?

Some time in the middle of 2020 I came across this paper published in the scientific journal Nature. I was intrigued. Not only was the Coffea arabica genome fully sequenced, but using genetic data derived from arabica’s genome, the researchers uncovered some fascinating facts about arabica’s evolutionary history and its current genetic diversity. …

To roast coffee, you need to burn gas.

Burning gas emits a lot of carbon. And it’s expensive. But not all roasters are created equal in terms of their gas efficiency. We had this in mind when we first acquired our Loring Peregrine S70 and S7 Nighthawk.

We wanted to compare the energy efficiency per kilo between our Probat P25 and the Loring S70. We knew that the Loring would be more energy efficient, but we weren’t sure exactly by how much.

Here are some calculations from our warehouse, based on gas usage measurements during roasting from the gas meter…

Why do we so often miss the mark when talking about coffee to outsiders? Reflections on a chat between Tuli Keidar and food journo Nick Jordan.

You’ve got two specialty coffee lovers sitting at a coffee bar, and coffee lover no. 1 tells coffee lover no. 2 how much they’re absolutely loving the luscious, stewed cherry note in their cup of V60 brewed, fresh crop washed Honduran. It’s a lovely moment. Everyone’s happy. …

And who it’s good for

It’s no surprise we’re huge fans of co-roasting (disclaimer: we run a co-roastery) however, we are also huge fans of transparency and we thought we’d help people make the decision of whether or not it’s the right one for their business.

So here we go.


  • Save money: our members have made net savings of up to 50% — reach out and we can model the potential savings for your operation together.
  • Control quality: be in charge of your QC (quality control), and close the critically important feedback loop between the roaster and brewer (it…

If you aren’t familiar with the world of coffee roasting, the term co-roasting may be new to you. And tbh, even if you’re familiar with coffee roasting, it could be a new term to you too.

Co-roasting is a fairly new idea gaining traction among coffee people and it’s how we first started.

So what is it?

Are you familiar with co-working spaces? Where businesses share office space and facilities to keep the cost of operations down (eg. rent, utilities, printers, sparkling water on tap)?

Co-roasting is based on the same idea, but rather than just sharing an office with printers and sparkling water…

Why we rebranded from CRS to ECRE

What just happened?

Well, we rebranded.

For most companies a rebrand is the perceivable act of changing a name, or updating a logo, or both. On the surface, those two things are what we did.

Underneath, you’ll find a year’s worth of research, design and teamwork that led to a company-wide change with purpose.

Why make the change?


It’s a question with many answers (which we get into further down) but the brief version is:

To make our industry better it needs to be accessible to more people, inclusive and generally more open. …

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