Not just a new logo

Why we rebranded from CRS to ECRE

“…everyone knows there are issues and there’s a heap of conversation about how the industry can be better, but no one has actually done anything.”

We’re known for our co-roasting facilities.

“One of CRS’s greatest strengths is the community they’ve built. They’re open with information and very inviting to those new to the industry. It can be daunting, there is a lot of information at first… and really big egos.”

Roaster Smackdown, Melbourne (2019)

“The desire to continuously share knowledge for the benefit of the coffee industry is such a strength of the people at CRS, you can see this with the community they built around the co-roastery.”

“CRS has a great opportunity to change the industry and influence it for the better, but not everyone knows who they are, what they’re doing or what they stand for.”

The brand strategy saw us rethink our business strategy because we didn’t just want to say this stuff, we wanted to actually do it.

New logo and mark for ECRE.
Illustrations by Alex Lim.

And now, we are ECRE: Access to education, equipment and support to help our community make coffee better.

Photography by our very own Shane Van Laar.



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ECRE. Co-roasting, coffee academy, store, and events. 👉🏻 Sydney, Australia.